Top Differences Read Today Agile vs Waterfall model

The Agile and Waterfall both models are popular in Software development. The Agile model is so flexible compared to the waterfall model. The top differences between Waterfall and Agile give you a clear understanding of both processes.

Waterfall Model

  • The traditional model is a waterfall. It has less flexibility.
  • Expensive and time-consuming model.
  • Less scalable to meet the demand of customer requirements.
  • The approach is top-down. Starting from requirements one has to finish all the stages, till deployment to complete one cycle.
  • With a small change in requirement, one has to follow all the stages till deployment.
  • The waterfall model creates idleness in resource management.
agile vs waterfall differences

Agile Model

  • The agile model is excellent for the rapid deployment of small changes
  • The small split requirements you can call sprints
  • Less idleness in resource management.
  • Scope for complete team involvement.
  • Faster delivery makes clients happy.
  • You can deploy changes related to compliance or regulations quickly.
  • Collaboration improves among the team.

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