The best answer for 'Efficient Workbook' in Tableau

There are several factors that define an “efficient” workbook. Some of these factors are technical and some more user-focused. An efficient workbook is:

  • A workbook that takes advantage of the “principles of visual analysis” to effectively communicate the message of the author and the data, possibly by engaging the user in an interactive experience.
  • A workbook that responds in a timely fashion. This can be a somewhat subjective measure, but in general we would want the workbook to provide an initial display of information and to respond to user interactions within a couple of (< 5) seconds. 
  • Tableau latest version is 9.1.2 as on writing this post
  • Tableau version 8 and Version 9 differences
  1. Individual Query time improved by 10x
  2. Dashboard Query times improved by 9x
  3. Query Fusion improving times by 2x
  4. And Query Caching improving times by 50x


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