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Blockchain Smart Contract Theory Behind

The smart contract in Blockchain is a kind of software application that works without human intervention based on the transaction logs and provide a solution to the user request. 
I want to share the back end mechanism in the Smart Contract of Blockchain.

Smart Contract Mechanism What is Smart ContractA smart contract is a protocol which can auto-execute, facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation of a contract.Agreement between two parties you can say as a contract.Incorporating the rules of the physical contract into the computing world, you can say as a smart contractBlockchain supports you to create smart contracts.Smart Contracts are self-executing programs which run on the blockchain and are capable of enforcing rulesUsing Blockchain as a platform and making an agreement or contract between more than two parties, you can say as Smart Contract.Traditional Markets  4 Top Benefits of Smart ContractCurrently, smart contracts are being used only in Crypto CurrenciesNow Smart Contra…

5 AWS Tricky Interview Questions

The following list is top tricky questions asked in AWS interviews

1) Question How do you store objects in Reduced Redundancy Storage in S3?
  1. Specify REDUCED_REDUNDANCY tags in the HTML code.
  2. Specify REDUCED_MIRRORING on a PUT request using an optional header.
  3. Specify LOW_REPLICATION on a PUT request using an optional header.
  4. Specify LOW_REPLICATION on a GET request for objects.
  5. Specify REDUCED_REDUNDANCY on a PUT request using an optional header.
2) Question Which is required to log on to the AWS management console on a mobile device?
  1. SSO alias
  2. SiteMinder
  3. Gateway address
  4. IAM token
  5. AWS account
3) Question How do you receive notifications based on the value of a metric being above or below a stated threshold in Amazon CloudWatch?
  1. Set Amazon SmartAlert.
  2. Log on through the Amazon console.
  3. Create an Amazon CloudWatch threshold dashboard.
  4. Create an Amazon CloudWatch alarm.
  5. Create a DescribeAlarmHistory API.
4) Scenario
You are testing Oracle, SQL Server, and Mongo DB databases in your AWS account to determine which database to use for your application.
Question Based on the scenario above, how do you decrease the process time of testing these databases?

  1. Transfer the installed files and folders for each database from your local computer to S3.
  2. Set up Database as a Service (DaaS) from these vendors.
  3. Download DB software directly to Amazon from the vendor site.
  4. Configure the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for the database software from your local computer to S3.
  5. Select vendor-provided database AMIs.
5) Question How do you verify your Amazon CloudSearch application is ready for release to end users?
  1. Look for error logs in the Amazon CloudSearch diagnostics sections.
  2. Set up a search engine task using the IP address of the CloudSearch server.
  3. Look at the keywords from the indexes in Amazon CloudSearch to ensure readiness.
  4. Test sample queries using the search tester in the Amazon CloudSearch console.
  5. Create APIs to test the output from Amazon CloudSearch.
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