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How to write and check result in your first Python Program

The first Python progrm looks like the below

My first program:
def buildConnectionString(params): """Build a connection string from a dictionary of parameters. Returns string.""" return ";".join(["%s=%s" % (k, v) for k, v in params.items()]) if __name__ == "__main__": myParams = {"server":"mpilgrim", \ "database":"master", \ "uid":"sa", \ "pwd":"secret" \ } print buildConnectionString(myParams) Running Programs in UNIXOn UNIX-compatible systems (including Mac OS X), you can run a Python program from the command line: python

The output of will look like this:

Code format awesome way to double developer productivity

The best code formatting Tools for developers. So that developers can increase their productivity in formatting. SQL Formatter -This tool helps you format your SQL Queries instantly.Java Code format Tool - This tool is one of the best tool to format your JAVA code instantly.Python Code Format Tool - This tool is famous Python online code format tool.CSS Code format Tool - The best tool to format your CSS code so nicelyJavaScript Code Format Tool - This is one of the best tool to format your JavaScript code

How to use Python Interactive Shell in an easy way

It's like this: Python leads a double life. It's an interpreter for scripts that you can run from the command line or run like applications, by double-clicking the scripts. 
What is Interactive Shell
But it's also an interactive shell that can evaluate arbitrary statements and expressions. This is extremely useful for debugging, quick hacking, and testing.
I even know some people who use the Python interactive shell in lieu of a calculator! 
Launch the Python interactive shell in whatever way works on your platform, and let's dive in with the steps shown here:
First Steps in the Interactive Shell >>> 1 + 1 ❶ 2 >>> print 'hello world' ❷ hello world >>> x = 1 ❸ >>> y = 2 >>> x + y 3 ❶ The Python interactive shell can evaluate arbitrary Python expressions, including any basic arithmetic expression. ❷ The interactive shell can execute arbitrary Python statements, including the print statement.  ❸ You can also assign values to variables,…

The informative Python Command line options, save your time

The complete list of command line options

Issue warnings for calling str() with a bytes or bytearray object and no encoding argument, and comparing a bytes or bytearray with a str. Option -bb issues errors instead.
Do not write .pyc or .pyo byte-code files on imports.
Turn on parser debugging output (for developers of the Python core).
Ignore Python environment variables described ahead (such as PYTHONPATH).
Print help message and exit.
Enter interactive mode after executing a script. Hint: useful for postmortem debugging; see also, described in Python’s library manuals.
Optimize generated byte code (create and use .pyo byte-code files). Currently yields a minor performance improvement.
Operates like -O, the previous option, but also removes docstrings from byte code.
Do not print version and copyright message on interactive startup (as of Python 3.2).
Do not add the user site directory to the sys.path module search path.
Do not imply “import…

New IT skill: How to design Intelligent Things

Now the world is mature enough to design devices and connect them with some intelligence and should give some benefit to users. The basics about Intelligent things is - Design the appliances with some kind of software, and that in turn should give benefit to users. So this is broadly called as Intelligent things. That means the things now become with some sort of intelligence.
Smart Things presents a problem-solving approach to addressing designers' needs and concentrates on process, rather than technological detail, to keep from being quickly outdated. It pays close attention to the capabilities and limitations of the medium in question and discusses the trade offs and challenges of design in a commercial environment. 

Here a detailed approach you can read from - SMART Things - In short, Smart Things gives its readers both the "why" of this kind of design and the "how," in well-defined chunks. The world of smart shoes, appliances, and phones is already here, but…

Your story New Intelligent apps for smart mobiles

I just want to share a awesome and the most demanding skills in Mobile world. These are skilled and experienced developers in the filed of "Intelligent Apps".Before you get into Intelligent Apps you need to know about Artificial Intelligence key concepts.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science and a set of computational technologies that are inspired by—but typically operate quite differently from—the ways people use their nervous systems and bodies to sense, learn, reason, and take action. While the rate of progress in AI has been patchy and unpredictable, there have been significant advances since the field’s inception sixty years ago. Once a mostly academic area of study, twenty-first century AI enables a constellation of mainstream technologies that are having a substantial impact on everyday lives.How the Intelligent Apps works-Computer vision and AI planning, for example, drive the video games that are now a bigger entertainment industry than Hollywood. Deep learning…

The Resume writing in two pages is best for sure success

An employer can receive hundreds of resumes in reply to an advertised position, but only a few of them catches the attention of the employer.  Here are some useful resume tips and ideas to make your resume stand out in front of employers. Appropriate grammar, correct spellings, no typing error, and formatting matters a lot. Use simple font; big enough that the hiring manager could read it easily. Don’t forget to mention contact information.Include awards, and key achievements, but make sure that these are relevant to the job and will catch employer’s attention.Come up with effective job titles.Keep the resume brief, exclude all the extra details. The ideal length for a resume is 1-2 pages.Use bullet points, it saves the time of the hiring managerPut the the most important information first that highlights your work experience.
More: Simple and Powerful resume with less efforts

Do’s and Dont’s:
Do not lie just be honest while writing a professional resume.Do not mention the salary unless th…

Before Steps: How to develop your first amazing android app

The first step in creating mobile applications for your business is a basic understanding of your options. Before you start your own android apps development you need to know the below tips and ideas.

 Mobile applications come in two formats: Native applications and mobile web applications. While each looks and feels similar, they are quite different. Here’s a brief explanation of each:

Native applications
A native mobile application is simply a piece of software for smartphones and tablets. Native applications are built specifically for each mobile platform and installed on the device itself. Just like PC software doesn’t work on a Mac, each native mobile app only works on the platform for which it was built. If you want native apps to work across all mobile platforms, you must build separate versions for each platform.

Web applications
A mobile web application is a web application formatted for use on a smartphone or tablet and accessed through the device’s web browser. Since mobile …