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Resume writing in two pages is best for sure success

useful resume tips and ideas
An employer can receive hundreds of resumes in reply to an advertised position, but only a few of them catches the attention of the employer.

Here are some useful resume tips and ideas to make your resume stand out in front of employers.
Appropriate grammar, correct spellings, no typing error, and formatting matters a lot. Use simple font; big enough that the hiring manager could read it easily. Don’t forget to mention contact information. 
Include awards, and key achievements, but make sure that these are relevant to the job and will catch employer’s attention.
Come up with effective job titles. Keep the resume brief, exclude all the extra details. The ideal length for a resume is 1-2 pages. Use bullet points, it saves the time of the hiring manager. Put the the most important information first that highlights your work experience.

Do’s and Dont’s:

  • Do not lie just be honest while writing a professional resume.
  • Do not mention the salary unless the employer asks it. 
  • Try to avoid use personal pronouns (I, me, my). 
  • Do not write high school achievements. 
  • Do not go beyond two pages while writing a professional resume. 
  • Do not use justified text block; they put odd little spaces between words. 
  • Do not write hobbies in resumes, they are irrelevant. 
  • Do not mix noun and verb phases when describing jobs. First, use solid action verbs. 
  • Try to avoid words like “Duties included”, “Responsibilities included”, or “Responsible for” these are job description languages not resume writing language. 
  • Don’t attach pictures except that the job demands it (modeling, acting so on) 
  • Do mention transferable skills, especially when one does not have much experience to seek out a job. 
  • Do consider a resume design that doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Many people use MS Word resume templates. 
  • Do list the previous jobs in reverse chronological order. 
  • Do avoid the verb “Work” because it’s a weak verb (after all everybody works).


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