7 Top Resume Ideas Worth to Read

Resume writing is a skill. Out of a thousand applications, only a few would shortlist for the next process. Here are my ideas to provide in your resume before you send it out.

7 Top Resume Ideas Worth to Read

Ensure These Formatting Ideas.

  • Mention Mobile number and E-mail on the top of your resume.
  • Use MS-word to format it.
  • Organize information using bullets wherever the need.
  • Check Spell and Grammar.
  • Two pages are ideal for any type of job.

7 Ideas: Don't Miss These.

  1. Provide genuine-experience.
  2. Transferable skills such as Public-speaking, Customer-communication - good to mention.
  3. Provide previous experience in reverse order - last-in-first.
  4. Keep educational qualification after the experience.
  5. No need to mention weaknesses.
  6. Add awards you received during your employment.
  7. Not required salary details.


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