Here's to Know Data lake Vs Database

In a data lake, data stored internally in a repository. You can call it a blob. The data in the lake a no-format data, but you need a schema for the database. 

Data lake Repository


  • In the database, the Schema definition you need before you store data on it.
  • It should follow Codd's rules.
  • Here data is completely formatted.
  • The data stores here in Tables, so you need SQL language to read the records.
  • Poor performance in terms of scalability.

Data lake

  • It doesn't have any format - it's just a dump.
  • You can send this dump to the Hadoop repository for data analysis.
  • This repository can be incremental. You can build a database.
  • The data lake is a dump of data with no format. It needs a pre-format before it sends for analytics.
  • Data security and encryption: You need these before you send data to Hadoop.
  • In real-time, you need to pre-process data.
  • This data you need to send to the data warehouse to get insights.

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