21 July 2018

Hadoop 2 vs 3 recent differences you need to your project

Hadoop features

In many interviews, the first question for Hadoop developers is what are the differences between Hadoop 2 and 3. You already know that Hadoop is upgrading slowly from version1. This post is basically to know differences. Hadoop 2 vs Hadoop 3 there are now major differences happened.

The below list is good to get good knowledge quickly. To very beginners I have given Hadoop details in the form of questions and answers.

Hadoop 2.x Vs 3.x

hadoop v2 vs 3

The major change in hadoop 3 is no storage overhead. So, you may be curious about how Hadoop 3 is managing storage.

My plan is for you is first go through the list of differences and check the references section, to learn more about Hadoop storage management.The top differences of Hadoop 2 Vs 3.

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