How to Find Factorial in Python for Any Number

I have explained how to find factorial for a given number in Python using my own script fact.fy.
A module is created as a script file, which contains function definitions that can be called in two ways:

  • From the interpreter
  • From another script file or from another function

python factorial logic

How to import a Script from Linux to Python Console

I have written a script fact.fy

# This program illustrates the designing/creation of a module

def factorial(n):
        "This module computes factorial"
        for i in range (1, n+1):

In interpreter...
>>> import fact       ==> Import from Linux

What is script reloading?

The Python interpreter imports a module only once in a session. 

If some modifications are performed in the script, then it must be reloaded (imported) again in the interpreter for future use.

A script is a reusable component and you can add n number of functions inside of it.

Directory function in Python.

In order to see the list of function names defined in a module, Python is provided with a built-in function called dir().

It displays the list of all the function definition names as follows:


['__builtins__', '__cached__', '__doc__', '__file__', 
'__loader__','__name__', '__package__','__spec__',

Another way if we give 'module' name in dir(), you will get a list of all functions inside of it.

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