AWS Block Vs Object Storage Top Differences

In AWS, Block and Object are two types of storage. I have given differences between these two. Why because storage is a prime concept in the cloud environment.

Object Vs Block Storage

Why are these names different? Because these two are different storage types - Object and Block.

Object Storage

  • Object means it is a single object. You are not dividing here.
  • In the context of AWS, object storage helps your file to store as-is. How big it does not matter.
  • Let your file size is 10MB. Then, it saves as a 10 MB file.
  • What happens when you update a 30MB file. It deletes the old object and creates a brand new one.
  • For small changes, you need to update the whole file. So, it utilizes a lot of resources.
  • Object storage is much better for big files and very few changes.
  • AWS manages object storage.
  • AWS has full control over Object storage.

Block Storage

  • Block storage divides your file into blocks.
  • You have selected a block size of 512 bytes. If you want to upload a 10MB file, it then divides the whole file into 20 blocks.
  • When you want to update a single character, it updates only that Block. It will not touch other blocks.
  • You can save network and bandwidth use in Block storage.
  • When the changes are more, and you want to update very often, then Block storage is much better.
  • In Block storage volumes are mountable.
  • AWS has no visibility on blocks inside of Block storage.
  • It has visibility only on Block volumes.

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