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3 Top Books Every Analytics Engineer to Read

Many of the analytics jobs nowadays are for the financial domain. The top financial domains are Banking, Payments, and credit cards. 
The Best Books are on:

The skills you need to work in data analytics are SAS, UNIX, Python, and JavaScript.  I have selected three books for beginners of data analysts. 

1. SAS best book 
I found one best book that is little SAS. This post covers almost all examples and critical macros you need for your job.

The best-selling Little SAS Book just got even better. Readers worldwide study this easy-to-follow book to help them learn the basics of SAS programming.

Now Rebecca Ottesen has teamed up with the original authors, Lora Delwiche, and Susan Slaughter, to provide a new way to challenge and improve your SAS skills through thought-provoking questions, exercises, and projects.
2. UNIX best book
The basic commands you will get everywhere. The way of executing Macros or shell scripts is really you need. This is a good book so that you can automate…

SQL Tester Ideas DATE, Numeric, CHAR, NULL

I have shared top SQL Date functions along with Numeric, CHAR and NULL functions.

sql examples on built-in functions

List of Built-in Functions

  1. DATE-TIME functions
  2. Numeric functions
  3. Char functions
  4. Null-related functions

1. DATE/TIME functions

SELECT p_code,
FROM product;

CURRENT_DATE returns the CURRENT date.

SELECT p_code,
To_char(launch_dt, 'DD MONTH YYYY') reformatted_dt
FROM product;
TO_CHAR FUNCTION returns date IN char format.

2. Numeric functions

SELECT p_code,
(price - 20),
Abs(price - 20.00)
FROM product;

ABS - FUNCTION returns the absolute value

SELECT p_code,
Round (price, 1)
FROM product;

ROUND FUNCTION - round TO 1 digit.

SELECT p_code,
Sign(price - 15)
FROM product;

SIGN FUNCTION - it returns the sign

SELECT p_code,
Trunc(price, 1)
FROM product;

TRUNC FUNCTION - truncates TO a certain number OF decimal places.

3. CHAR functions

SELECT p_code,
Concat(Concat(p_name, ' -- ') , price)
FROM product;CONCAT FUNCTION - concats two strings.

SELECT p_name,
FROM product;

UPPER FUNCTION : returns upper CASE.
Lower FUNCTION returns lower CASE.

SELECT p_name,
returns length OF the string.

SELECT Substr(phone, 3)

FROM customer;

SUBSTR FUNCTION : returns a substring FROM the main string.

4. Null related functions

SELECT p_name,
COALESCE((price * 0.9), min_price, 5.0) sale_price
FROM product;

COALESCE FUNCTION: returns the first non-NULL value FROM the expression.

  • Given a list of top built-in functions
  • Example SQL queries on built-in function given for you to read quickly
  • These examples are almost common in any RDBMS


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