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How to Show Data science Project in Resume

In any project, the Data analyst role is to deal with data. The data for data science projects come from multiple sources. This post will explain how to put in data science project in Resume.
Data Science project for Resume The first step for an interview of any project is you need Resume. You need to tell clearly about your resume.

In interviews, you will be asked questions about your project. So the second step is you need to be in a position explain about project.

The third point is you need to explain the roles you performed in your data science project. If you mention the roles correctly, then, you will have 100% chance to shortlist your resume. Based on your experience your resume can be 1 page or 2 pages.
How to show Technologies used in Data science projects In interviews, again they will be asked how you used different tools to complete your data science project.

So, you need to be in a position to explain about how you used different options present in the tools. Sometime…

12 Essential DevOps principles to apply in process

In this post explained 12 top DevoOps principles or features which are common to all the DevOps tools. Useful to give interviews and your projects.

DevOps means a concept to bring Development team and operation team together. So that you can speed up the deployment process. Before you start learning the tools you need to understand core principles.
DevOps Core Principles

The useful DevOps Principles to know for your project and interviews

  1. To deliver rapidly without affecting quality
  2. Communication and Collaboration are the key ideas in DevOps concept
  3. Multiple deploys are possible- if code in Development team automated
  4. Once you commit the repository, it tests the code automatically against the automated test scripts
  5. If Build is successfully passed, it installs automatically in Testing environment 
  6. When infrastructure is automated, it installs automatically to other servers
  7. Minor changes takes place in isolation, that means , it creates separate server to deploy minor changes
  8. Speed in Devops, organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.
  9. Quality and Security teams are part of DevOps
  10. Automating the process, much better productivity than manual work
  11. Very frequent and small updates possible in DevOps
  12. DevOps has multiple benefits


Explained top DevOps principles in this post. If you are a student or software engineer these things are highly useful.

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Hyperledger Fabric Real Interview Questions Read Today

I am practicing Hyperledger. This is one of the top listed blockchains. This architecture follows R3 Corda specifications. Sharing the interview questions with you that I have prepared for my interview.

Though Ethereum leads in the real-time applications. The latest Hyperledger version is now ready for production applications. It has now become stable for production applications.
The Hyperledger now backed by IBM. But, it is still an open source. These interview questions help you to read quickly. The below set of interview questions help you like a tutorial on Hyperledger fabric. Hyperledger Fabric Interview Questions1). What are Nodes?
In Hyperledger the communication entities are called Nodes.

2). What are the three different types of Nodes?
- Client Node
- Peer Node
- Order Node
The Client node initiates transactions. The peer node commits the transaction. The order node guarantees the delivery.

3). What is Channel?
A channel in Hyperledger is the subnet of the main blockchain. You c…