12 Essential DevOps Principles to Apply in Process

The 12 essential DevOps principles (features) are shared here. These are useful for interviews and your projects. DevOps is a concept to bring the Development team and operation team together. So, you can speed up the deployment process. Before you begin learning the tools, you need to understand core principles.

Explained the essential devops principles for quick reference.
12 Essential DevOps Principles to Apply in Process

12 Essential DevOps principles

DevOps Principle#1

  • To deliver rapidly without affecting the quality.

DevOps Principle#2

  • Communication and Collaboration.

DevOps Principle#3

  • Multiple deploys are possible if code in the Development team is automated.

DevOps Principle#4

  • Once you commit the repository, it tests the code automatically using the automated test scripts.

DevOps Principle#5: 

  • If the Build passed, it installs automatically.

DevOps Principle#6

  • When infrastructure is automated, it installs automatically to other servers.

DevOps Principle#7

  • Minor changes take place in isolation - it creates a separate server to deploy minor changes.

DevOps Principle#8: 

  • Speed in DevOps helps organizations to serve their clients faster and more effectively.

DevOps Principle#9

  • Quality and Security teams.

DevOps Principle#10

  • Automating the process, much better productivity than manual work.

DevOps Principle#11

  • Very often and small updates you can do.

DevOps Principle#12

Bottom Line

  • I have explained the top DevOps principles in this post. If you are a student or software engineer, these are highly useful.

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