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4 Layers of AWS Architecture a Quick Answer

I have collected real interview questions on AWS key architecture components. Those are S3, EC2, SQS, and SimpleDB. AWS is one of the most popular skills in the area of Cloud computing. Many companies are recruiting software developers to work on cloud computing.

AWS Key Architecture Components AWS is the top cloud platform. The knowledge of this helpful to learn other cloud platforms. Below are the questions asked in interviews recently.
What are the components involved in AWS?Amazon S3.With this, one can retrieve the key information which is occupied in creating cloud structural design, and the amount of produced information also can be stored in this component that is the consequence of the key specified.Amazon EC2. Helpful to run a large distributed system on the Hadoop cluster. Automatic parallelization and job scheduling can be achieved by this component.Amazon SQS. This component acts as a mediator between different controllers. Also worn for cushioning requirements those are obt…

12 Essential DevOps Principles to Apply in Process

12 essential DevOps principles or features that are popular among DevOps tools. 

Useful to learn for interviews and use in your projects. 

DevOps means a concept to bring the Development team and operation team together.

So that you can speed up the deployment process. Before you start learning the tools you need to understand core principles.

12 Essential DevOps principles

DevOps Principle#1: To deliver rapidly without affecting the quality

DevOps Principle#2: Communication and Collaboration are the key ideas in the DevOps concept.

DevOps Principle#3: Multiple deploys are possible if code in Development team automated.

DevOps Principle#4: Once you commit the repository, it tests the code automatically against the automated test scripts.

DevOps Principle#5: If Build is successfully passed, it installs automatically in a Testing environment.

DevOps Principle#6: When infrastructure is automated, it installs automatically to other server.

DevOps Principle#7: Minor changes take place in isolation, that means, it creates a separate server to deploy minor changes.

DevOps Principle#8: Speed in DevOps, organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.

DevOps Principle#9: Quality and Security teams are part of DevOps.

DevOps Principle#10: Automating the process, much better productivity than manual work.

DevOps Principle#11: Very frequent and small updates possible in DevOps.

DevOps Principle#12: DevOps has multiple benefits>>


  • Explained top DevOps principles in this post. If you are a student or software engineer these things are highly useful.

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