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4 Layers of AWS Architecture a Quick Answer

I have collected real interview questions on AWS key architecture components. Those are S3, EC2, SQS, and SimpleDB. AWS is one of the most popular skills in the area of Cloud computing. Many companies are recruiting software developers to work on cloud computing.

AWS Key Architecture Components AWS is the top cloud platform. The knowledge of this helpful to learn other cloud platforms. Below are the questions asked in interviews recently.
What are the components involved in AWS?Amazon S3.With this, one can retrieve the key information which is occupied in creating cloud structural design, and the amount of produced information also can be stored in this component that is the consequence of the key specified.Amazon EC2. Helpful to run a large distributed system on the Hadoop cluster. Automatic parallelization and job scheduling can be achieved by this component.Amazon SQS. This component acts as a mediator between different controllers. Also worn for cushioning requirements those are obt…

2 Top Software Developer Resume Templates

I have given Resume templates for Software engineers(developers) in this post. I have explained how one can show technical experience in the Resume. I am sure these templates are useful for various experience levels of Software engineers.

2 Top Software Developer Resume Templates

Explained how to show projects in the Resume. The resume is the main document to showcase your skills and talent. Simple English without grammar mistakes more than enough to get shortlisted. I listed down all the types of resumes.

💨4 Types of Resumes Based on Experience.

  1. 0-1 Year
  2. 1- 5 Years
  3. 5-10 Years
  4. 10-20 Years

💥A Resume with Two Pages is ideal for all levels of experience. 

  • Nowhere you can find how long the resume should be.
  • Two Page Resumes is an ideal fit for all experiences.
  • No matter, If you just came from a college or an experienced software engineer. Resume with two pages is ideal

Technical Resume Template-1: Entry Level Software Developer  Resume.

  • A resume is basically a summary of your skills. I can see freshers who came out from college they are keeping all the details like address, Date of Birth, and four years of marks.
  • Essentially, No Need to mention the above. Just give your qualification and percentage of marks you got in your Degree.
  • Add your college project, extra-curricular activities, internships, etc. Enough...not more than that.
  • Make sure Email-id and Mobile number on top of the Resume. These details will not take more than two pages. Fresher Resume Example.

Technical Resume Template-2: Senior Software Developer Resume.

  • Ensure all the projects present on the second page.  Only give a little project-description and skills you worked. 


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