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5 Super SEO Blogger Tools

In this post, I have explained top blogging tools that need to be considered by every blogger. These tools help you write better SEO friendly blog posts.

1). Headline Analyzer The best tool is the EMV Headline Analyzer. When you enter the headline it analyzes it and gives you EMV ranking. When you get '50' and above it performs better SEO.

2). Headline Length Checker The usual headline length is 50 to 60 characters. Beyond that, the headline will get truncated and looks ugly for search engine users. The tool SERP Snippet Optimization Tool useful to know how it appears in the search results.

3). Free Submission to Search Engines The tool Ping-O-Matic is a nice free submission tool. After your blog post, you can submit your feed to Ping-O-Matic. It submits to search engines freely.

4). Spell and Grammar Check Another free tool is Grammarly, this tool checks your spelling and grammar mistakes. So that you can avoid small mistakes.

5). Keyword AnalyzerWordstream Keyword analyzer i…

2 Top technical resume templates for professionals

Sample resumes for Software engineers explained the length of the Resume for different experience levels. Also covered how one can show projects in the Resume.

The Resume is a tool to showcase your skills and talent. Powerful sentences in your resume make bright chances to pick it by an interviewer.
Different Types of Resumes

You can classify resumes for Software engineers as four categories. In my experience, I found these four types. I listed down four types as below.

Different Types of Resumes

  1. 0-1 Year Resume
  2. 1- 5 Years Resume
  3. 5-10 Years Resume
  4. 10-20 Years Resume
Your English with simple and powerful sentences adds power in a way to convince your recruiter or interviewer.
Ideal Resume with Two Pages is more than enough for all levels of experience

How many pages you do have to keep in Technical Resume

Nowhere you can find how long the resume should be. But, I want to say there is a thumb rule.
  • Two Page Resume ideal fit for all cases
No matter, If you just came from a college or an experienced software engineer. Resume with two pages is ideal

1. Entry Level or Fresher Software Engineer Technical Resume

A resume is basically summary of your skills. I can see freshers who came out from college they are keeping all the details like address, Date of Birth, and four years of marks.

Essentially, No Need to mention the above. Just give your qualification and percentage of marks you got in your Degree.

Add your college project, extra-curricular activities, internships etc. Enough...not more than that.

Make sure Email-id and Mobile number on top of the Resume. These details will not take more than two pages.

Sample Technical Resume: 

Resume That Stand Out Great Tips by HBR

HBR tips on Resume
(HBR tips on Preparing resume)

2. Senior Level Software Engineer Technical Resume

Ensure all the projects present in the second page.  Only give a little project-description and skills you worked. 

The first page should contain Core Skills, Company names, Education, and Achievement details. 

Sample Technical Resume


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The term tokenization refers to create a numeric or alphanumeric number in place of the original card number. It is difficult for hackers to get original card numbers.

Vault-Tokenization is a concept a Vault server create a new Token for each transaction when Customer uses Credit or Debit Card at Merchant outlets 
Let us see an example,  data analysis. Here, card numbers masked with other junk characters for security purpose.

Popular Tokenization ServersThere are two kinds of servers currently popular for implementing tokenization.
Vault-based Vault-less Video Presentation on Tokenization
Vault-based server The term vault based means both card number and token will be stored in a Table usually Teradata tables. During increasing volume of transactions, the handling of Table is a big challenge.
Every time during tokenization it stores a record for each card and its token. When you used a card multiple times, each time it generates multiple tokens. It is a fundamental concept.
So the challe…