Python For Loop increment Tricky Example

Here's tricky for loop example in Python. The usage of FOR LOOP is to create loops. How many times the loop will execute you may supply in the input.

Python For Loop increment Tricky Example
Python for loop example

My Project is to get each character from the input String. I have used for loop to achieve this. Let me explain how I did this. Explained Tricky FOR LOOP Examples.

1. Python For Loop Array

>> for value in variable

Here's an example:

>> myName = 'srinimf'

>> for value in myName
...        print(value)

The result is as follows:

2. Python For Loop With '1' to '10' or 'n'

for (i = 1; i <= 10; i++)
    <loop body>

This for loop is useful to create a definite-loop. The maximum number of loops here are '10'. In the body, you need to add Python logic.

This is one of the tricky and most popular examples.

3. Python For Loop a Flow Chart

For loop flowchart


  • The 'letter' contains Value
  • The 'stateName' can be an Array or Variable
  • After For Loop, you can use BODY statements

  1. The purpose of the for loop is to handle loops 
  2. You can unstring from the main string 
  3. You can use for loop with range() built-in function 
  4. You can handle program logic in the For Loop

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