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How to Use Special Keys in UNIX

UNIX operating system has some special keys. These you can use to interrupt the program processing or to resume it. The file management and keys totally different in UNIX kinds of operating systems. 

An example of a UNIX special key and its use.
Special Keys in UNIX much useful to take action  when something happens.

1. Why You Need Program Interruption in UNIX.

A scenario where you made some mistake in the input command and you need to stop the further process. Then you can use the CTRL+C command. It is equal to the DELETE command.

2. List of UNIX Special Keys.

The RETURN key signifies the end of a line of input. On any terminal, RETURN has a key of its own, or return may be typed by holding down the control key and typing a 'm'.

CTRL-m Key
Hint: Ctrl-m command is equal to RETURN key in Unix systems

The DELETE key stops a program/command immediately, without waiting for it to finish. DELETE can be achieved equivalently with ctrl-c.
Hint: Ctrl-c Command you can use …

Unix Vi Editor Commands Usage of wq

In Vi editor Save, Quit without saving and Save and quit are tricky commands. I have given these commands for your reference.

w - To Save Your Work
q - To Quit
wq - To Save and Quit

vi editor also called Visual editor in terms of Unix or Linux or Ubuntu Operating systems. Since all are the same UNIX flavor, and UNIX is the mother of all these operating systems.

Recently many of my friends asked to share some daily use vi editor commands. I am sharing those for your quick reference.

Vi Editor Top Commands for Your Projects and Interviews

#1. How to Edit a file

vi filename

This is the first command to use for editing a file.

#2. A command to Repeat Previous Command

Use the UP arrow to repeat the previous command.

#3. How to Insert data

Use insert command to over-type data.

#4. How to Save File

Press Esc

#5. How to Save and Quit (Exit)

Press Esc

#6 How to quit without Save

Press Esc


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