JavaScript Vs JSON Top Differences

Today I woke up after my night sleep, and quickly I completed my daily routines. I thought a few minutes to write useful posts for my readers. I decided to write the differences between JavaScript and JSON.

JavaScript Vs JSON Top Differences
JavaScript Vs JSON Top Differences

JSON Quick Insights

  1. JSON is simply a data-interchange format and, therefore, does not directly require the immediate knowledge of the JavaScript language.
  2. JSON a subset of the JavaScript language.
  3. Data exchange can occur between both browser and server and even server to server.
  4. The file extension is .json.
  5. You can structure the JSON as below:
  6. A collection of name/value pairs.
  7. An ordered list of values.
  8. An introduction to JSON read here

JavaScript Quick Insights

  • JavaScript is a text-based scripting language, whereby sequences of Unicode characters strung together.
  • JavaScript supports two different types of data types.
  • Primitive and non-primitive. Primitive data types the best example is the Object. The non-primitive examples are number, string, Boolean, undefined, and null.
  • A semicolon is the line terminator in JavaScript.
  • The top control statements it supports are IF, ELSE, and FOR-loop.
  • The file extension is .js.
  • An introduction to JavaScript tread here.

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