Cloud Computing: Horizontal Vs. Vertical Scaling

The purpose of cloud computing is resource utilization. You can scale up the resources in two ways - vertical and horizontal.

Adding resources, you can do either horizontally and vertically. The advantages and drawbacks you can find in simple words.

Cloud Computing: Horizontal Vs. Vertical Scaling

1. Horizontal Scaling


  • You can increase workloads in small steps.
  • The upgrade-cost is far less.
  • Scale the system as much as needed.


  • Dependency on software applications is more for Data distribution and parallel processing.
  • On top of that, fewer software applications exist in the market.

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2. Vertical Scaling


  • Since it is a single machine, it is easy to manage.
  • On the fly, you can increase workloads.


  • It is expensive. You need a huge investment.
  • The machine should be powerful to take more workloads - future use.

Below is the List of Resources that You can do both Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

  1. Platform Scaling
  2. Network Scaling
  3. Container Scaling
  4. Database Scaling

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