Horizontal Vs Vertical Scaling

In any cloud, you can find two kinds of workload-scalings. Those are Horizontal and Vertical. Below is the image that tells the quick answer to this question.

Horizontal Vs Vertical Scaling

What is Horizontal Scaling?

Horizontal scaling - add new server replica and load-balancers to distribute the load. 
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Horizontal versus Vertical.

Advantages and Drawback of Horizontal Vs Vertical
Horizontal versus Vertical

What is Vertical Scaling?

Vertical scaling - on-the-fly changing of the assigned resources to an already running instance, for instance, letting more physical CPU to a running virtual machine (VM)).

Best Examples for Horizontal Vs Vertical Scaling
Vertical versus Horizontal Resource Scaling

List of Resources That Can be Scaled Both Horizontal and Vertical.

  1. Platform Scaling
  2. Network Scaling
  3. Container Scaling
  4. Database Scaling
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