How to Work with 'Pointers' in Python

Pointers denote an address (memory location). It has three identities - Name, Value, and Location (Address). Python doesn't support pointers as-is. You need to import 'ctypes' package to work with C Language.

Note: Pointer is popular in C, C++. The called module just uses the value of Pointer (not address).  Below is my detailed post on pointers.  

An article on how to work with pointers

How to work with Pointers

  • To pass a reference(address) to the C interface.
  • You can use C Language in Python by importing 'ctypes.' 

Pointer Notation

1. Value
2. Address
3. Name

Python Pointers

Python doesn't support pointers. C and C++ extensively support pointers. Pointer is nothing but an ADDRESS. It is immutable. That means you can't change the value. Python supports pointers for the purpose to interact with C Language.


How to Import 'ctypes'

  1. Import 'ctypes' library for the purpose of working with C language. 
  2. Here's how to import 'ctypes' for windows and Linux.

How to denote Pointers

Here's the way to denote pointers in Python. Check out here Python Pointers.

from ctypes import * 
i = c_int(42) 
pi = pointer(i) 

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