Python - How to Lookup Dictionary by Key

Here's Python Dictionary that explained how to lookup it using Key. Dictionary in Python is Key/Value pair. It's different from the list. The basic rule to identify; is enclosed in flower brackets ({}). Here's a demo about lookup and how to test it. 

Dictionary = { 'key' : 'value', 'key: value'  }  

Dictionary Lookup


  1. Python Dictionary
  2. Python Lookup
  3. How to check Lookup working or not



my_dict = {'name' : 'srini' , 'salary' : '100000', 'skills' : 'python' }

Here, 'name' is the label.

Then, :

Then, 'srini' -> Value

  • Data is enclosed in flower brackets
  • It's an unordered list
  • You can manipulate data (mutable)
  • You can access the value of a particular key. So, in Python, it's called a Lookup. It's one of the best interview questions.

Lookup Dictionary by Key

Python Lookup (a.k.a Dictionary). You can access data quickly. It's really super-speed. 


The result will be: 'srini'

  • You should use square brackets ([]) to get lookup data
  • Use key-value in square brackets ([]) with a single quote, you will get value

Output from Lookup

I am now adding new value to the Lookup.

>>> my_dict['role'] = 'Manager'

Now, the my_dict will'be :

>>> my_dict = {'name' : 'srini' , 'salary' : '100000', 'skills' : 'python' , 'role' : 'Manager'}

  • The order of assignmenet will not match with actula storing in Python
  • The order of Key/Value storage is taken care by interpreter


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