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Python Regex: The 5 Exclusive Examples

 Regular expressions (regex) are powerful tools for pattern matching and text manipulation in Python. Here are five Python regex examples with explanations: 01 Matching a Simple Pattern import re text = "Hello, World!" pattern = r"Hello" result = re.search(pattern, text) if result:     print("Pattern found:", result.group()) Output: Output: Pattern found: Hello This example searches for the pattern "Hello" in the text and prints it when found. 02 Matching Multiple Patterns import re text = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." patterns = [r"fox", r"dog"] for pattern in patterns:     if re.search(pattern, text):         print(f"Pattern '{pattern}' found.") Output: Pattern 'fox' found. Pattern 'dog' found. It searches for both "fox" and "dog" patterns in the text and prints when they are found. 03 Matching Any Digit   import re text = "The price of the

10 Tech Mahindra Fresher Interviews Questions

Here're the ten top interview questions asked during fresher interviews. These are general questions and applicable for all B. Tech branches.

10 Interview Questions

These are general interview questions who is looking for job either on/off campus drives.

1. What is Full-Service Web-hosting?

It is a service offered by website hosting companies. So that the site can be accessed via the world wide web.

2. What is meant by Port blocking within LAN?

It restricts the users to access services through various ports. The ports are USB, DVD port, Floppy, Removal device ports.

3. What is IDN?

It enables people to use Domain names in local languages.

4. Can we call one program (not include) from another program?

Yes, you can call. Here not include means external program.

5. How can you sort the elements of an array in descending order?

In C++, you can use Array.Reverse(arr);

10 Top Tech Mahindra Fresher Interviews Questions

6. How do I update my DNS records?

You can update DNS records in CNAME. Here're more options.

7. How do non-root -bridges decide, which port will affect the root port?

In each non-root bridge (CAT2, CAT3, CAT4), Root Port selection is based on the port having the lowest cost to the Root Bridge (CAT1).

8. Difference between response.write() and server.transfer()?

The response.write() - writes a string to the browser.

The server.transfer() - an ASP page transfers the current page request to another ASP page in the same server.

9. What are the top Organization structure attributes?

  • Simplicity
  • A clear line of authority
  • Lesser Managerial Levels
  • Unity of command and Direction
  • Here are more options

10. How does the browser knows to go to a certain IP address when you type google.com?

The router decides when it receives google.com. The router has configuration details such as routing IP address.


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