Python Abstract Classes to Learn Quickly

Here's the best example of how to understand the abstract classes of python quickly. An abstract class means it is a skeleton. You cannot instantiate abstract classes.

For Example:

The abstract class name is 'dog'

o = dog()

It gives an error. Since the 'dog' is an abstract class.

I am sharing with you a clear understanding of abstract class. So that you can tell confidently about these classes.

Here is the beautiful answer with syntax and examples of the Python abstract class.

The syntax for Abstract Class

from abc, import ABC, abstractmethod 
class <class name>(ABC):
def <method name>(): 
#abstract class definition

Python Abstract Class Explanation

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
class AbsBaseClass(ABC):
def __init__(self):
print("Abstract class")
def abMeth(self):
def conMeth(self):
print("I'm a concrete method")
class Derived(AbsBaseClass):
def abMeth(self):
print("I'm redefined")


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