Python: Here are 3 Brilliant Methods to Execute

You can run python commands in three methods. Those are at CLI, Python interface, and as a Script.

3 Methods you need to run python commands

How to Run Script at CLI?

The script extension should be .py. Here is an example When the script is ready, the next step is to run it. How to run it from CLI? 

Here is a command to run at CLI. Suppose you have installed Python in Linux OS. Then you need to give:

$ python -m

Here, m means module. That means you are running a script with Python code.

How to Run Commands at Script?

The Other way, you can execute Python statements directly at CLI. Here's a command for your quick reference.

$ python -c "print('Hello world')"

Here, the print statement displays "Hello World" on the screen.

How to Run commands at Python Interface?

You know that the Python interface needs an operating system - Windows or Linux. 

$ Python3

>>> 10 + 20



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