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Python Dictionary: How to Make Subset Easily

Here's an easy method to make a subset of a  Dictionary in Python. You already know that Dictionary has a format of Key, Value and enclosed in curling bracket.

Below are ideas with sample logic and how it works. It is useful for your projects and interviews too.

Subset from a Dictionary in Python

Here is a Dictionary

my_first_dict = {

'HP' : 100

'IBM': 200

'NTT' : 300

'ABC' : 400

'GDF' : 500


I want to make a subset. The values are greater than 100 and less than 400. How can you achieve this? Don't worry you can do this easily. I am sharing logic with you.

Here is subset Logic: You Can do it Using Dictionary Comprehension


sub_set = { key:value for key, value in my_first_dict.items() value >100 and value <400}



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