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How to Explain String Immutability in Python Correctly

Strings in Python are immutable. That means you can't change the string. So you can use strings in many places of your project securely.

Strings Immutability

How to Test a String is Immutable

It's very simple. In Python shell, assign a string to a variable of your choice. Here my choice is myString. Assigned to 'ABCD'.

>>> myString = 'ABCD'
>>>myString [0] = 'Z'

It gives an error. Since you have tried to replace 'A' with 'Z'. It's because the string is immutable.

Unlock Key Points

  • This is the ultimate interview question
  • When they ask String is immutable, you need to say 'Yes'
  • Show them the example that I showed above

Here are the Hidden Benefits of Strings Immutable

  1. It saves a lot of time in fixing and unchanging the storage requirement times. This directly results in high performance.
  2. String objects can be reused, as they are safely stored without getting changed.
  3. Strings in Python are considered as elemental as numbers. None of the activities can change the value of a string in Python, just the way the numbers cannot be changed.


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