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Python Regex: The 5 Exclusive Examples

 Regular expressions (regex) are powerful tools for pattern matching and text manipulation in Python. Here are five Python regex examples with explanations: 01 Matching a Simple Pattern import re text = "Hello, World!" pattern = r"Hello" result = re.search(pattern, text) if result:     print("Pattern found:", result.group()) Output: Output: Pattern found: Hello This example searches for the pattern "Hello" in the text and prints it when found. 02 Matching Multiple Patterns import re text = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." patterns = [r"fox", r"dog"] for pattern in patterns:     if re.search(pattern, text):         print(f"Pattern '{pattern}' found.") Output: Pattern 'fox' found. Pattern 'dog' found. It searches for both "fox" and "dog" patterns in the text and prints when they are found. 03 Matching Any Digit   import re text = "The price of the

How to Explain String Immutability in Python Correctly

Here is an answer to explain the immutability of Strings in Python. It means that you can't modify the string. Due to this, you can use strings securely in many places of your project.

Strings Immutability

How to check string immutability

Here is an example. In the python shell, assign a value of your choice to a string. Here my choice is ABCD, and I have assigned it to myString. I have tried to replace A with Z. But, it gave an error due to the immutability of strings.

>>> myString = 'ABCD'
>>>myString [0] = 'Z'

What is learning here

The strings immutability is an interview question. In interviews, you can say that strings are immutable, and you can't replace its data.

Benefits of strings immutability

  1. It saves a lot of time since the data in strings are immutable. It results in high performance.
  2. String objects you can reuse as no one can modify its value.
  3. Strings are elemental. So no activity can change its value ( these are more like numbers).



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