Exclusive Apache Kafka Top Features

Message publishing is the mechanism for connecting heterogeneous applications through sending messages among them. The message router is known as message broker. 

Apache Kafka is a software solution to quickly route real-time information to consumers.

Features of Kafka

The message broker provides seamless integration, but there are two collateral objectives: the first is to not block the producers and the second is to not let the producers know who the final consumers are.

Apache Kafka is a real-time publish-subscribe solution messaging system: open source, distributed, partitioned, replicated, commit-log based with a publish-subscribe schema. 

Its main characteristics are as follows:

Distributed. Cluster

Centric design that supports the distribution of the messages over the cluster members, maintaining the semantics. So you can grow the cluster horizontally without downtime.


Easy integration with different clients from different platforms: Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.


You cannot afford any data lost. Kafka is designed with efficient O(1), so data structures provide constant time performance no matter the data size.

Real time. 

The messages produced are immediately seen by consumer threads; these are the basis of the systems called complex event processing (CEP).

Very high throughput. 

As we mentioned, all the technologies in the stack are designed to work in commodity hardware. Kafka can handle hundreds of read and write operations per second from a large number of clients.

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