How to Write Complex Python Program Using Functions

Complex Python program using functions

Here is an example of complex python program written using functions. Many times, in job interviews, you need to give a written test. There, you may need to answer tricky programs. Historically, people are afraid to take a test. Especially in python

Complex Python programs

Below are the Complex Python Program Using Functions and examples of how to write the code.
  1. Counting lower and upper case letters
  2. Creating a list

1. Counting lower and upper case letters

Below program counts the upper and lower case letters.

def count_lower_upper(s): dlu = {'Lower': 0, 'Upper': 0} for ch in s: if ch.islower(): dlu['Lower'] += 1 elif ch.isupper(): dlu['Upper'] += 1 return(dlu) d = count_lower_upper('James BOnd') print(d) d = count_lower_upper('Anant Amrut Mahalle') print(d)

python function program

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2. Creating a List

Here it uses two input lists for creating a new list. Additionally, it uses the list built-in function. 

def create_list(l1, l2): l3 = list(set(l1) & set(l2)) return(l3) lst1 = [10, 20, 30, 40, 50] lst2 = [1, 2, 3, 40, 10] lst3 = create_list(lst1, lst2) print(lst3)

tricky python program


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