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Python Regex: The 5 Exclusive Examples

 Regular expressions (regex) are powerful tools for pattern matching and text manipulation in Python. Here are five Python regex examples with explanations: 01 Matching a Simple Pattern import re text = "Hello, World!" pattern = r"Hello" result = re.search(pattern, text) if result:     print("Pattern found:", result.group()) Output: Output: Pattern found: Hello This example searches for the pattern "Hello" in the text and prints it when found. 02 Matching Multiple Patterns import re text = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." patterns = [r"fox", r"dog"] for pattern in patterns:     if re.search(pattern, text):         print(f"Pattern '{pattern}' found.") Output: Pattern 'fox' found. Pattern 'dog' found. It searches for both "fox" and "dog" patterns in the text and prints when they are found. 03 Matching Any Digit   import re text = "The price of the

Python Interface Vs. Class: What's the Difference

Here are the differences between Class and Interface in Python.

Python interface

Python class can have all concrete methods. But interface does not have single concrete method.

Here you'll know about

  • What's abstract method
  • Abstract Class: How to Create it
  • Rules to Write an Interface
  • How to Create Abstract Class
  • How to Create an Interface

What's abstract method

The abstrcat method is one which does not have body.

from abc import ABC, abstract method
class name_class(ABC): # abstract class

def name_method(self): #abstract method without body

The interface is used when all the features are needed to be implemented differently for different objects.

Rules to Write an Interface

  1. All methods of an interface should be abstract.
  2. You cannot create an interface object.
  3. If any class implements an interface, then you need to define all the methods given in that interface in child class.
  4. You need to declare all methods as abstract if that class does not implement the interface

How to Create Abstract Class

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod
class Myengineer(ABC):
def mybranch(self):
myobj = Myengineer()


TypeError: Can’t instantiate abstract class Myengineer
with abstract methods mybranch

How to Create an Interface

You cannot create an object from an abstract class. But you can do it by creating a child class.

from abc import ABC, abstractmethod

#Abstract class

class Myengineer(ABC):
def mybranch(self):

#Child class implements abstract class

class MyEEE(Myengineer):
def mybranch(self):
print(“I am an electrical and electronics Engineer”)
myobj = MyEEE()


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