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SQL Query: 3 Methods for Calculating Cumulative SUM

SQL provides various constructs for calculating cumulative sums, offering flexibility and efficiency in data analysis. In this article, we explore three distinct SQL queries that facilitate the computation of cumulative sums. Each query leverages different SQL constructs to achieve the desired outcome, catering to diverse analytical needs and preferences. Using Window Functions (e.g., PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle) SELECT id, value, SUM(value) OVER (ORDER BY id) AS cumulative_sum  FROM your_table; This query uses the SUM() window function with the OVER clause to calculate the cumulative sum of the value column ordered by the id column. Using Subqueries (e.g., MySQL, SQLite): SELECT t1.id, t1.value, SUM(t2.value) AS cumulative_sum FROM your_table t1 JOIN your_table t2 ON t1.id >= t2.id GROUP BY t1.id, t1.value ORDER BY t1.id; This query uses a self-join to calculate the cumulative sum. It joins the table with itself, matching rows where the id in the first table is greater than or

Quick Guide to AI Prompt Engineering

Here are roles & responsibilities of AI prompt engineer, which has growing demand in the USA and the rest of the world. The new Prompt engineering is a process that designs effective and engaging conversation starters for chatbots and virtual assistants.


Guide on Prompt Engineering

A key aspect of chatbot development, prompt engineering involves a deep understanding of user interests and behavior, as well as the ability to create prompts that are both relevant and varied. 

Discover more about the importance of prompt engineering and its role in creating successful chatbots and virtual assistants.

Prompt Writer for Apps like ChatGPT

A prompt writer for an app like ChatGPT is someone who creates prompts or conversation starters for the chatbot to engage users in conversation. These prompts are designed to be interesting, relevant, and varied to keep users engaged and encourage them to keep interacting with the chatbot.

Prompt writers for chatbots like ChatGPT often have a background in creative writing, marketing, psychology, or other related fields. They may work closely with developers and designers to ensure that the prompts align with the overall goals and objectives of the app and are presented in a visually appealing and user-friendly way.


Some of the key responsibilities of a prompt writer for an app like ChatGPT may include researching user interests and trends, creating new prompts and updating existing ones, testing prompts to ensure they are effective, and collaborating with other members of the app development team to improve the overall user experience.

Overall, the role of a prompt writer is critical to the success of a chatbot like ChatGPT, as the quality and variety of prompts can directly impact user engagement and satisfaction.



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