Python: How to Swap Variables with Tuple

Swap two strings no need to define third variable in Python explained. To achieve this, you need a tuple, explained with an example of how to do it.

Python Swap Strings without Third Variable
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How to Swap Two Strings in Python

You can swap two strings in Python using a tuple. You can have multiple values in a tuple. In this example, I have given a and b. When you use the swap function, it swaps the values.

def swap(a, b): 
return b,a 

Example to Swap Two Strings.

i = "Hello world"
j = "This is ApplyBigAnalytics" 

i, j = swap(i, j) 


Example to Swap Two Numbers.

i = 1 
j = 2 

i, j = swap(i,j) 


The Result is:

This is ApplyBigAnalytics 
Hello world 


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