Python Function Argument: How to Pass it to Decorator

A decorator is a wrapper and provides additional functionality to a function. Also, it may modify the behavior, such as changing the return type/adding new abilities.

Python Decorators

Python Decorators

Precisely, it is another form of function pointers. Also, it accepts function argument, then either wraps the function or returns a new one. Moreover, it modifies the inputs/outputs supplied to it. It helps you add behavior to functions (objects) dynamically (without changing the function behavior).

Function Argument

Below, you will find an example of passing a function argument to a decorator. The below function modifies inputs and returns output.

def to_upper(func):
    if isinstance(text,str):
        return text.upper()

def say():
    return "welcome"

def hello():
    return "hello"
a = to_upper(say)

b = to_upper(hello)



** Process exited - Return Code: 0 **
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