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School Of Data

The role of data analysis come into the picture, once you have cleaned and filter the data. The next stage is called analysis.
What could you investigate with data
Let us use some case study on world bank data, what are the questions come into mind:
 How much (in USD) is spent on healthcare in total in each country? How much (in USD) is spent per capita in each country? In which country is the most spent per person? In which country is the least spent? What is the average for each continent?For the world?What is the relationship between public and private health expenditure in each country? Where do citizens spend more (private expenditure)? Where does the state spend more (public expenditure)? Is there a relationship between expenditure on healthcare and average life expectancy? Does it make any difference if the expenditure is public or private?   Read more here

A Powerful Video to Import MS Excel into SAS (Part-1)

SAS is a Statistical Analytical Software. The below video shows how MS-EXCEL data import into SAS for analysis.

All About IBM Big data Server Models

International Business Machines Corp, in its latest attempt at reviving demand for its hardware products, is launching high-end system servers that it says are 50 times faster than its closest competitor at analysing data. 

The POWER8 servers, the product of a $2.4 billion, three-year investment, are part of the company's decade-long shift to higher-value hardware technology. IBM said the machines are 50 times faster than the low-end x86-based servers it sold to Chinese PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd in January. The technology services provider said on Wednesday it hopes the servers, designed for large-scale computing, will appeal to clients looking to manage new types of social and mobile computing and mass amounts of data.
Last week, the company reported its lowest quarterly revenue in five years, weighed down by falling demand for its storage and server products.

IBM dominates the higher-end server market with 57 percent market share, according to research firm Canalys. "For IBM c…

3 terrible tips you need for awesome Analytics Career

There is a big question to be successful in analytics career. I am giving most popular ideas to be successful in this analytics career. There are absolutely three...

The tip number one is you need to be familiar with different types of analytics.

Different Analytics Web Analytics Financial Analytics Marketing Analytics Education Analytics Retail Analytics Health Care Analytics 
The second one is you should have right kind of training at less expensive way.

In the booming Analytics Industry, one needs right course of training and experience, and working experience of case studies on selected analytics area, really boost your career.

The third rule and idea is correct mindset

BE PROACTIVE - Be Proactive is about taking responsibility for your life. You can't keep blaming everything on your parents or grandparents. Proactive people recognize that they are "response-able." They don't blame genetics, circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behaviour. They know th…

SAP HANA popular analytics platform new insights

The SAP HANA analytics from German software vendor SAP AG is betting heavily on a new generation of analytic computing it calls HANA to maintain its position as the world's largest business-application vendor.
HANA, which is already installed at more than 200 customer locations, processes data in real time by storing it in live memory rather than in a separate data warehouse, enabling customers to make business decisions faster. Liquor distributor Charmer Sunbelt Group finished installing a HANA system in July, and it says it has helped managers react to logistical problems as they occur. Getting shipments out is essential for Charmer because customers can refuse them if they are late. According to Chief Information Officer Paul Fipps, HANA helps generate a warehouse progress report in between 20 and 40 seconds. Before, he says, a report took three days "and two or three people to put it together." Competitors are IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAS. Read more from SAP.
Most Po…

You Never Miss India Best Analytics Magazine

AIM is one of the India's best analytics Magazine. The features it covers Articles, Latest trends in analytics, Start-ups in India, various job opportunities. Various government initiation on Big Analytics is plus point in this Magazine. Read AIM here.

Analytics Tips for E-retailers: This is one of the good article from CIO. Click to read

Most Popular Content
Google Analytics for Web Marketers and TipsAWS Basics for Software Engineers

3 popular Bigdata Analytics Programs in India

ISB- Indian School of Business started a course in "Certificate Program" in Analytics:The use of Business Analytics is widespread across all industries and functions, including Information Technology, Web/E-commerce, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Banking and Insurance, Biotechnology, Human Resource Management.

WIPRO-Started deepening its Analytical Business with " OPERA SOLUTIONS":Opera Solutions will allow Wipro engineers to offer solutions for customers based on the predictive analytics company's technology platform, according to a senior executive of the New Jersey based company. 
- Software as a service changed INDIA IT indutsry: Empowering non-tech employees.The SaaS revolution in India is also bringing about another important change in organizations. "The CMO today is even more empowered than before," said Gartner's Padmanabhan. "Previously, there was extensive dependency on IT, but now the technology department is more and more releg…

Are You Serious About Your Self Growth

These are the ideas for self growth:
1. Education

The first of the nine success factors is education. In our society, the highest paid people are those who know more than the average. They know more of the critical facts, ideas and information than the average person in their field. As a result, they can make a more valuable contribution to a knowledge-based society and live the best life possible. They are valued more, respected more and ultimately paid more money and promoted more often.

The rule is that, “to earn more, you must learn more.” If you want to increase your level of income and achieve the best life for yourself, you must increase your level of intellectual capital and thereby the value of the knowledge component of what you are doing.
2. Skill
The second of the nine success factors that you can use to achieve the best life possible is simply skill. Your level of ability in your field will determine the quality and quantity of your results. The better you get at what you d…

Analytics in Excel - Course Contents

Hey you want to be master in Excel. Then these are the course contents you need. There are 4 parts of in this course. These contents cover all the functionalities you need to work with Excel. Part-1 - Importing Data from other sourcesLearn about the typical import sources of data (e.g. accounting software, ERP systems and common database programmes)Understand the pros and cons of different importing methods with walk through examples Discuss the form of received information and its implications (e.g. dating, text and number formats) Clarify what data aims to represent in column and row arrangements, in spatial and duration terms Part-2 - Converting data Excel ready
Identify how Excel understands your data and make data Excel compliant Learn key Excel functions, tips and tricks to assist quick conversion including: functions – e.g. RIGHT, LEFT, CLEAN, TRIM, PROPER, MID, LOWER, UPPER tips – e.g. use of custom formatting to cleanse data tricks – e.g. converting specific elements of data …

Growth you never seen job Opportunities in Big data

In my recent analysis I have found that lot of jobs will be created in big data analysis area. It will create lot of job opportunities. I have collected few things. 
A recent report by Statistics Canada revealed that two-thirds of those who graduated with a PhD in engineering from a Canadian University in 2005 spoke neither English nor French as mother tongue. Similarly, four out of 10 PhD graduates in computers, mathematics, and physical sciences did not speak a western language as mother tongue.
Also, more than 60 per cent of engineering graduates were visible minorities, suggesting that the supply chain of highly qualified professional talent in Canada, and to a large extent in North America, is already linked to the talent emigrating from China, Egypt, India, Iran, and Pakistan.

The abundance of data and the scarcity of analysts present a unique opportunity for developing countries, which have an abundant supply of highly numerate youth who could be trained and mobilised en masse to …

Skill Set you need for Data Analytics Jobs career

The following skills are must for every data analytics engineer. Why many software engineers are struggling to get this information. What skills they need to be successful in their analytics career.

The following skills are required to get an entry into Analytics job. I have told in my previous posts that there are many branches in analytics. You need to apply domesticated techniques to extract actionable knowledge.
I have selected the following mindset and skills that you need to get a job in data analytics. These are proven skills. Set a clear goal to acquire these skills. Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills; Ability to communicate complex findings and ideas in plain language Being able to work in teams towards a shared goal; Ability to change direction quickly based on data analysis; Enjoying discovering and solving problems; Proactively seeking clarification of requirements and direction; take responsibility when needed; Being able to work i…

Analytics tricky five Job Interview Questions

Hey welcome to data analytics. Here I have given few questions and answers.The below five questions helps you to understand very basics on data analytics. These are very basic questions. But, for laymen they can understand easily and also good for interviews.
What is Business Intelligence?It is well-established process in the business world whereby decision makers integrate strategic thinking with ITWhat is Web Analytics?It is the collection, analysis and reporting of Web site usage by visitors and customers of a website in order to better understand the effectiveness of online initiatives and other changes to the web site in an objective, scientific way through experimentation, testing, and measurement.What is academic analytics?This is the area analytics applied in academiaWhat is action analytics?This is the area of anlaytics to produce actionable intelligenceWhat is the process of data analytics?The process involves Data, Information, Knowledge and WisdomAlso Read: Hadoop Complex …

Advanced Data Analytics

The word predictive analytics is to increase competitive advantage and at the same time to suggest best value products to end customers.

Why you need to go for predictive analytics?
The reasons are Growing dataCheaper computers and serversEasy to use softwareTough economic condiationsThis webiste helps developers in analytics field to increase knowledge on software that need for development. Also shares domain knowlwedge on data analytics.
More:Case Study on data analytics
The predictive analytics helps in the following ares: Detecting fraudImprove marketing campaignsReduce riskImproving operations