Credit Cards Domain: How Voice Transaction Works

Voice transaction is a method to pay the bills for a merchant at POS. The scenario is when you visit a Retailer where you purchased for Rs1000. You forgot to carry a card with you but you remember card details.

Then you can ask the merchant to use Voice authentication for completing the payment.

Credit Cards Domain: How Voice Transaction Works
Credit Cards Domain: How Voice Transaction Works

👉 How to Initiate Voice Authentication.

  • After you start the call, the first step is you need to enter the merchant id. Usually, your Call goes to Card Issuer.
  • Then you need to select an option like you are doing a transaction for the Credit card.
  • You need to enter your card number and expiry date.
  • Select the option for Card present or Card not present.
  • Enter the amount you need to pay.
  • Then Card issuer's call center provides you a 6 digit approval code. You need to tell the approval code to the merchant, and the merchant also will get a message. Then the merchant completes the transaction using the Voice approval code.

Notes: Sometimes Merchant Service provider also facilitates to get Voice authorization approval.

👉 How Merchant gets Funds After Voice Transaction.

  • After the merchant gets an approval code from the customer, he has to enter customer details into the Merchant service provider system.
  • A merchant also would need to enter the approval code.
  • Merchant will submit the transactions to the service provider. So that the merchant will receive funds.

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