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Best Machine Learning Book for Beginners

You need a mixof different technologies for Data Science projects. Instead of learning many skills, just learn a few. The four main steps of any project are extracting the data, model development, artificial intelligence, and presentation. Attending interviews with many skills is not so easy. So keep the skills short.
A person with many skills can't perform all the work. You had better learn a few skills like Python, MATLAB, Tableau, and RDBMS. So that you can get a job quickly in the data-science project.
Out of Data Science skills, Machine learning is a new concept. Why because you can learn Python, like any other language. Tableau also the same. Here is the area that needs your 60% effort is Machine learning.  Machine Learning best book to start.

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Credit Cards Domain: How Voice Transaction Works

Voice transaction is a method to pay the bills for a merchant at POS. The scenario is when you visit a Retailer where you purchased for Rs1000. You forgot to carry a card with you but you remember card details.

Then you can ask the merchant to use Voice authentication for completing the payment.

Credit Cards Domain: How Voice Transaction Works
Credit Cards Domain: How Voice Transaction Works

👉 How to Initiate Voice Authentication.

  • After you start the call, the first step is you need to enter the merchant id. Usually, your Call goes to Card Issuer.
  • Then you need to select an option like you are doing a transaction for the Credit card.
  • You need to enter your card number and expiry date.
  • Select the option for Card present or Card not present.
  • Enter the amount you need to pay.
  • Then Card issuer's call center provides you a 6 digit approval code. You need to tell the approval code to the merchant, and the merchant also will get a message. Then the merchant completes the transaction using the Voice approval code.

Notes: Sometimes Merchant Service provider also facilitates to get Voice authorization approval.

👉 How Merchant gets Funds After Voice Transaction.

  • After the merchant gets an approval code from the customer, he has to enter customer details into the Merchant service provider system.
  • A merchant also would need to enter the approval code.
  • Merchant will submit the transactions to the service provider. So that the merchant will receive funds.

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